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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Two Little Piggies and the Cool Blue House

Once upon a time there were two little piggies name Four and Eight.  They lived in a steep bit of woods on the edge of a pasture.  There they had no house, but just a food bowl and a swimming pool in the shade.  One day the swineherd's wife came to feed them, and Four chased her.  The swineherd's wife was scared and tried to run up the steep hill, but she slipped and stumbled.  Finally the swineherd sprayed water at Four, and his wife ran away.

That night, unbeknownst to Four and Eight, a good fairy came and told the swineherd and his wife what to do.  First, they moved Four and Eight's food bowl up to the top of the hill on a flat place and started dumping the food over the fence into the bowl.  Four had no chance to chase the swineherd's wife.

A few days later, the swineherd's wife came to the corner of the pasture where Four and Eight liked to lounge in the sun.  There she built a little house of blue nylon and bungee cords.  She picked up all the rocks from the ground and brought the swimming pool up from the woods.  Then the swineherd began to fill the pool with water.
Four and Eight both had a drink.  Then Four climbed into the pool.  It was cool there in the shade.  She grunted happily.
After a few minutes, Four climbed up and stood on Eight's back so she could bite the bungee cord.  Maybe it was good to eat?  But the swineherd's wife moved it up out of her reach.
So then Four stood on Eight's back and checked out the Big, Bad Wolf through the fence.
He didn't look so bad, so she shoved her nose right through the fence, and the swineherd's wife petted it.
Hmmm, thought Four, that feels good.
So Four laid right down and let the swineherd's wife scratch her back through the fence.  That felt so good!
After Eight got a little scratch, too, the piggies went off to eat some more food.
Then they wandered on down the pasture to where the swineherd had been working while his wife built their house.  He had built them a water tower!
And there on the water tower was a special pig nipple like they used to drink out of at Farmer Jim's place.  The two little piggies took a drink and decided that they liked their new blue house on the top of the hill with the swimming pool and the nearby water tower.  It sure beat a house made out of straw or sticks.  And with all those bungee cords, they were sure the Big, Bad Wolf could never huff and puff and blow it away.  So they could live happily ever after . . . or almost.

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