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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sowing and Harvesting

Note: I've been sick in bed with sinusitis and bronchitis since Tuesday evening, and today was the first day I got out a bit to help poor Herb with chores. I didn't even think of taking a camera along (although I saw something I'm dying to get out and photograph--and I already have a blog title for it!) Meanwhile, I'm going back to use some photos from April 29 that got overlooked.
This was the day (April 29) that I finished planting seeds I hadn't gotten to yet.  I planted more pole beans and bush beans to extend the harvest from the ones Charis and I started indoors.  I also planted two kinds of cucumbers.  The pepper seedlings are still too small to put out, and we're still waiting on Shumway to send our tomato plants.
After working outside till quite late, we were hungry, and I needed a quick supper.  It had to be something with eggs since I had an extra dozen this week that I didn't sell at church.  When I found a pint of cream that Kara left in the fridge, I knew what it would be--curried eggs!  (The recipe came from Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cook book, and I'll be glad to share it if anyone is interested.)  While I hardboiled 8 eggs, I started the sauce with onion sautéed in oil and some tomato purée.  Cumin and a bit of garam masala were the seasonings, and I finished the sauce by adding cream until it looked good.  The eggs peeled easily, being very fresh, and were easily halved with a wire cheese slicer.  I placed them gently in the simmering sauce and couldn't resist taking a picture before I called Herb for supper.  Now those are beautiful yolks!

As Herb and I admired the color and taste of our eggs, we enjoyed yet another chuckle about one man at church whose wife won't be buying my eggs again.  She made him a frittata out of them, and he refused to even taste it.  He was put off by the color--eggs should be pale yellow, he told her!  All I can say is, if he's happy eating anemic battery eggs, then he deserves them!  
Our curried eggs were accompanied by our first salad of the season, made from our new mesclun blend, young arugula, and a volunteer leaf lettuce that came up from last year's crop.

It is SO rewarding to eat the fruits of one's labors!  We can't wait till our garden begins to produce some more!


  1. tout à fait appétissant tes œufs au curry !et j'aime beaucoup ce genre de salades mélangées... tant pis pour ce M. qui préfère les œufs "industriels". Es-tu tout à fait remise ?

  2. Yummmm; looks and sounds yummy. Can't wait to enjoy the fruit of your labors with you..;-)

  3. Jenny, we can't wait, either, to have you come see all that's going on!

    Kathleen, merci--et oui, tant pis pour ce monsieur! Ton anglais est vraiment super! Tu comprends tout! Et je n'ai pas oublié que j'ai un mail de ta part; je repondrai! Bisous!


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