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Friday, April 8, 2011

Planting and Growing (Wednesday, Apr. 6)

Wednesday was my afternoon to babysit for Charis and Kol.  Kol's pictures illustrate the growing part of my theme.
This picture was actually taken Monday night when Herb and I both babysat for Jim & Monique's date night.  Kol had such a tight grip on Herb's finger that his own little fingers turned white!
 He's so interested in everything that goes on and just gazes serenely around him.
Monique took this picture of Charis and me doing the little project I brought for her--planting seeds.  These bright green pots (now I know why I'm a packrat!) gave me the idea while I was planting my own pots this morning--I bet Charis, little detail person that she is, would love to take care of some seeds and watch them sprout, then plant them in our garden and pick her own produce.
Charis was so proud of planting her own canteloupe, bush bean, pole bean, and pepper seeds, and Monique says she is excited about watering them every day.  I just hope they sprout for her and give her that wonderful feeling of growing something for yourself!

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  1. Sweet! One of my kiddos enjoyed planting so much when they were little that they dug their plants up regularly to check on them. . . and then replanted them. Needless to say, their little garden was NOT a success!


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