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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mac Circle

Mac Circle is a landmark at nearby Covenant College--the circular drive outside MacClellan Hall and a convenient meeting place.  But today I'm talking about a different Mac Circle.  I'm talking about the fact that so much of life is circular.

Our first computer, purchased in 1985 before we went to the Central African Republic, was a "Fat Mac."  It was the latest and best Macintosh--and it had 512K of memory!  For comparison purposes, a CD holds 700 MB.   It was a great computer, and so user friendly.  But somehow, after we came back to the US in 1987, we switched to a PC.  We have been PC people ever since, even when Herb's computer kept crashing and losing chunks of his doctoral dissertation!  Our kids kept telling us, "You should get a Mac."  But things had evolved in the computer world, and--as user-friendly as Macs are--the learning curve seemed too steep.

Then Monique, my daughter-in-law, got a new Mac and let me play with it.  As soon as I discovered iPhoto, I was hooked.  I wanted a Mac!

Well, Friday we went to MacAuthority, and today I set up my new Mac.  As I started to take my PC apart, wrestling with the tangle of cords, I realized that this was a photo op I couldn't miss.
Believe me, I didn't make any of this mess just to make the photo more interesting!
Once my poor old PC was out of the way, I opened my iMac box and pulled everything out.
This was it!  A screen, a cord, a mouse, two small booklets--and a couple of extras: an AppleCare protection plan box and a Microsoft OfficeMax (Word for Macs) box.  It's a bit scary for an old PC user.  Where in the heck is the computer???

I turned on the wireless keyboard, turned on the wireless mouse, put the plug in the back of the terminal and plugged it in--and started to use my new Mac.

No screaming, no bad words, no getting throttled in a tangle of cords, no more wireless receiver.  I didn't even have to downsize my photos for them to upload to my blog.

Obviously there is still a learning curve and some things I have to unlearn, like double-clicking and right-clicking, as well as new programs to learn.  I haven't installed my Microsoft package or purchased a new Family Tree Maker that is Mac-compatible.  But if all of that is as easy as setting this thing up, I'm a believer!

It's been many years since our last Mac, but this circle is closed and it will remain unbroken!


  1. Welcome back in the Apple Family :)
    The computer looks nice on your desk! Isn't peaceful without all the cords and wires all over the place?
    FYI you can still configure the mouse to detect a right click. Go to : Apple Menu, System Preferences, Mouse

    Then, check the "Secondary click Right" box.

    Now your mouse will act as is has 2 buttons. You'll just have to find the right spot on your mouse to right click.

    If any problem with the computer, just call me. I'll be more than happy to help you.

  2. Oh, thank you, Jean-Marc! I can't believe I have my own private tech support! :)

    Also, thanks for the tip about right-clicking, but does it do the same things as it would on a PC?

    If learning a new language is supposed to be a good way to exercise your brain and keep it from getting senile, I guess this should be really good for mine. This is as different from a PC as French is from English!

  3. Yes, a right click on Mac is very similar to a right click on PC!

  4. amazing, isn't it?!? so happy for you!



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