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Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Sister, Little Brother (Tuesday, Mar. 29)

 When I babysat for Kol and Charis Tuesday morning, she was being very tender and solicitous of his well-being.  He lost his "passy," so she gave it to him--opening her mouth to get him to open his, just like a parent feeding a baby!  That must be an instinctive behavior!
As if taking care of his needs wasn't enough, Charis gave Kol a big hug.  She has totally got the Big Sister thing down!
And the way he gazes into her face shows that he has totally got the Little Brother thing down, too!
What baby wouldn't be happy with such a wonderful big sister?


  1. So sweet, we miss them sooo much! I was about to buy out the store with toys and such for them today and then put everything back realizing they were over 10 hours away from us ;-(

  2. Yeah, you can't really mail the whole toy store! It's been a joy to see how Charis has grown into her big sister role!


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