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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Exciting Day!

Today was an exciting day for almost everyone on Zephyr Hill Farm.  First, I let the horses into the round pen for some exercise, and that was exciting to Angel, Brandy, Hero and Zephyr.  It was exciting to me, too, as I got to take pictures of all the fun!

Later on in the afternoon, we had a visit from Jeff & Kim Newswanger, the Dexter breeders we bought Sara from a little over a year ago.  Check out their website,  Sara got her supper hand-fed by Mama Kim.
And Siobhan got to meet . . . Grandma Kim?  The Newswangers confirmed our opinion that Siobhan is a really nice calf and better than her mama, which is what breeding is all about.
There was enough love for everyone!
And enough time for Siobhan to get a lesson in leading.  Enough time for us to ask lots of questions, too, and compare notes on everything from milk parlors to butchering chickens to deworming techniques.   How fun to spend time with someone who speaks the same language!  :)
All in all, it was a big day for everyone here!  And it's up to you to interpret what Siobhan is saying . . .


  1. Beautiful Pictures Mom, really excellent selections! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to come back and crash and chill with the animals.

  2. It was fun taking pictures! When you get here with your camera, we can do it again. And once they've run off some of their energy, we can go for a ride!

  3. "And it's up to you to interpret what Siobhan is saying . ."
    maybe. . . I'm parched?Barbara


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