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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sharing Our Love: A Gift for Little Kol (Jan. 18-20)

Here is our precious grandson, a day and a half old, in his Dada's arms on the morning of Jan. 18.  The tiny little frown is because Mimi's silly camera can't focus without flashing, and the bright light disturbed his sleep.
On the 19th, Didi holds Kol.  He did wake up in between times!
Didi, Mimi, and Kol.  (Charis was going for a walk, so we still haven't gotten a grandparents-grandchildren photo.)  If we look a bit rumpled and tired, it's because we stopped to visit on our way home after packing stuff all day long at our old house on East Brow, getting ready for closing on Jan. 31.
Laura Pettit, who kindly agreed to take pictures after she stopped by with food, suggested we sit facing the light!  Thank you, Laura, for bringing your artist's eye!  I'm afraid there's nothing her artist's eye can do for our clothes!
We had a nice long cuddle session with Kol--and then he woke up!  Here he's making eye contact with Didi, and Monique got up to capture the moment for us.
Kol already knows his Mama's voice, and he turned his head to look for her.  So precious!
With a big yawn, he started to stir and decided he was ready to eat.  So we got Monique settled in bed and handed Kol over for some time alone with Mama.

And then we headed home to eat and rest, too!
This morning when we fed the animals, the "little" chickens were cackling up a storm.  Personally, I would use the word "chortle" to describe the sound because it's more like a happy singing sound.  It made me wonder why, so I peeked in the nest box--and there was the first egg one of them has laid!  It's the shiny small one next to Esmerelda's large one.  Based on the chicken who was chortling the loudest, I would say that Jim and Monique's Mercy laid this one!  We didn't expect any of them to lay before February, so I'm sure she did it in honor of Kol!  I'll have to take it to Monique tomorrow and let her eat it for him.  Thank you, Mercy, for repaying our mercy!

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