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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rejoicing in New Life! (Sunday, Jan. 16)

David Kol Lea joined our family at 10:38 last night, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 21" long.  He was six days late, but I think it was because he's such a sweet, considerate baby!  After first being given a due date of Jan. 10, he was later given an earlier due date of Dec. 28 because of his size at the time of his last ultrasound. 

He might have come on Christmas . . . or big sister Charis' birthday . . . or during the week that everything in our area shut down due to 7" of snow.  But he wanted his Mama to be able to celebrate Christmas at Zephyr Hill Farm, Charis to keep her own birthday, and the midwives not to have to venture out on icy roads at night.  So he waited till the time was right, arriving on Sunday night when his Dada had the next day off for MLK Day and just in time to meet Uncle Jean-Marc and Aunt Jenny before they had to return to Virginia.  Mimi, Didi and Aunt Diya (Charis' name for Kara) have pronounced him perfect and precious!

Kol, as Jim and Monique call him, is pronounced "Cole."  It is the Hebrew word for "all," as in "All Israel shall be saved" and "ALL" of God's blessings.  Although he is named David after King David of Israel, who was also a prophet as well as a man after God's own heart, Jim and Monique were delighted to hear the story of Kol's great-great-great-great-great grandfather David Levi Kokernot, a Jewish ship captain who emigrated from Holland to the US and who was found by his Savior Jesus Christ after having been lost in a shipwreck.  Herb's name, of course, is Herbert Kokernot Lea, and one of the things Jim and Monique like about having Kol as their son's middle name is that he can use the middle initial "K" like his Didi--without having to learn how to spell "Kokernot"!

We are so blessed to have two precious grandchildren now, Charis and Kol, and we look forward to many visits from them at Zephyr Hill Farm.  Welcome to the family, Baby Kol!

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