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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandparents of Two (Monday-Wednesday, Jan. 24-26)

"Father of two!" Jim said when I arrived Monday morning to help out.  Indeed, that's how you eat breakfast when you're a father of two!
Charis played so sweetly with her baby doll while Mama was taking care of Kol.
We stopped by with lunch today so we could get our grandchild fix for the next couple of days.  We'll be busy moving out of our old house on Lookout Mountain, so we won't be able to be over at Jim and Monique's.  Didi and Kol had a nice guy time together while I cut up baby bananas for Charis--who ate three!
This has nothing to do with our grandchildren, except that the reason I wanted Ameraucanas was so the grandkids would have lots of different-colored eggs to choose from.  You can see the "big" chickens' eggs (blue one at 2:00 and brown one at 7:00) and the other three from the "little" chickens--a strangely-colored olive one, a green one, and a brown one which I believe to be one of Mercy's.  She's Jim and Monique's chicken, the first of the "little" ones to lay.  It seems like three of the others are following suit.  I do hope I get one more that lays pretty blue ones!  I'm afraid Didi and Mimi will have to eat the olive-colored ones!


  1. Hope the move is going well! Wish we could be there to lend a hand!

  2. Thanks for that phone number--that's lending a hand! :)


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