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Friday, December 3, 2010

Round and Round We Go! (Wednesday, Nov. 24)

We finally finished our round pen project!  Herb used the tractor to scoop up 15 or so loads of mulch from a couple of trees that had to be cut down and chipped in 2008.  He dumped piles of mulch all over the round pen, and I raked most of it into an even layer all over the round pen.  Herb helped me at the end, and we had the satisfaction of seeing the horses try it out when we fed them their supper.
The chickens were busy finding their own supper, happily scratching around for bugs and anything else they could find.
This photo only fits my theme if I make a sappy comment about the seasons of the year and winter rolling around again.  To spare my readers, I'll just stick it in because I like it!


  1. I really find you guys very industrial and very clever! What a great idea to use compost (?) to fill the ridding pen!

  2. PS I love, love, love that last picture. It belongs in a magazine.

  3. Thank you! I think we were frugal, too! :) If we can't enjoy the shade of the trees, then we'll ride on them!

    Glad you like that picture. I loved the red berries.


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