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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Traditions, Old and New (Wednesday, Dec. 22 & Thursday, Dec. 23)

We always used to put up our Christmas tree before Kara's birthday on Dec. 15.  Ever since she was a little girl, that's what she wanted.  But this year events kept conspiring against us, and we still didn't have a tree by the time Jim, Monique and Charis arrived on the evening of the 21st to spend several days with us.  So on the 22nd we finally put up the tree!  Kara carried on one recent tradition that Herb is delighted about--she strung the lights on our tree (after first decorating her own tree).  Then we all helped hang every single ornament, reminiscing about the stories behind many of them.
 Traditionally, we celebrate St. Nick's on the morning of Dec. 6 by opening our stockings.  This is a German custom that we have observed because it allowed us to confine "Santa" to St. Nick's Day early in December and then focus on Jesus at Christmas.  This year the date changed in order to allow all of us who are Stateside to celebrate St. Nick's together.  We also moved our celebration to the evening to accomodate Jenny's study sessions for the bar.  Morning or night, Charis was delighted with her stocking full of presents, and she jumped and twirled for joy!
The Moroccan pouf made an impromptu trampoline where she could bounce up and down in delight.
Opening presents took a little longer because Zephyr joined in the fun, asking for a game of Fetch.
As soon as Charis opened a packet of gingerbread boys, Zephyr was at her side!  Charis very generously shared one with Zephyr, and they cannibalized the gingerbread boys in mutual contentment.
Sharing St. Nick's with a grand-child is a wonderful new twist on an old tradition!  (These last three photos are courtesy of Jenny.)
Charis decorated herself, Zephyr and pretty much everyone else with the stickers from her stocking.
After the stockings were empty, we sat around enjoying each others' company.  After all, however traditions may be tweaked throughout the passing years, that's what they're really all about--family!

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