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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday Afternoon (Sunday, Oct. 31)

Friday evening while Charis helped us feed the horses and Sara, I shot a bunch of pictures of the horses and dogs together.  Since Hero has been on "house arrest" after attacking the last chicken, he is always ready for a run.  He (and sometimes Zephyr) bark and jump at the horses, trying to tempt them into a race down the pasture.  Sunday afternoon I had fun playing with my Hewlitt-Packard photo editing program, and these pictures are the result.  Some of them remind me of very old photographs in magazines, with an almost painterly effect.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! Of course I think the horses are photogenic in themselves, but with the grass so brown and shaggy, I thought the pictures looked a bit rough. I was playing around with my "Enhance: Reduce Noise" option on my photo editing. I discovered that I could do it, save, and do it again--and it kept softening the pictures till they looked like this. I usually went one step too far, didn't like it, and clicked "undo" to go back to the previous stage. I liked it because it softened the harsh brown grass and just made it look soft and golden in the light! Hmmm . . . I wonder if I could turn it green? :)

  3. Love the pics, but am so afraid the doggies will get trampled!!!

  4. I know, I especially worry about Zephyr since she can't run as fast, but she tends to stay farther off to the side pretty far away from the horses. Hero just doesn't seem to care--the more danger, the merrier!


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