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Monday, November 29, 2010

Eat, Drink & Be Wary (Friday, Nov. 19)

Siobhan eats . . .
Zephyr drinks . . .
Hero drinks . . .
Siobhan is wary.  At 2 weeks old, she's about the same size as Hero.  She figured out that she can play with Zephyr who is small and safe, but she's very wary of Hero.
Hero is wary of her, too!  As she steps forward, he jumps back!
Finally they get nose-to-nose and realize they can safely interact . . .
. . . but as soon as protective Mama Sara jumps into the act, Hero is out of there!  He must have heard the story about the last dog that chased one of Sara's calves:  She hooked him with her horns and threw him over a fence!
Siobhan is wary of us, too.  She's learned it from her mama!  So I crouched down and made myself more her size.
"Come on, Siobhan!  Pretty Siobhan!  Nice Siobhan!" 
This picture reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis in "Fierce Creatures" when she "makes contact" with the gorilla--except I think I'm the gorilla!  :)
And now let's be merry!  Zephyr loves when I scoop poop!  She remembers her puppy days when we used to play "Poop Ball": I would throw horse manure out of the round pen onto a pile behind the barn, and Zephyr would chase the balls of manure as they rolled down the pile.  To this day, her excited barking accompanies every scoop!
While everyone else is busy in the barnyard, Sara and Siobhan share a tender moment.  It's lovely to watch them together as Sara gives Siobhan a bath and she reciprocates by licking her mother's face.  Dare I say, it's very mooving?
Here's one more look at our adorable baby!


  1. Can't wait to share some of the calf's milk! Tell her to save us some ;-)


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