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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Battery Eggs vs. Cage-Free Eggs vs. Barnyard Eggs--You Decide Which Chicken You Want to Be!

This morning it was pouring rain, so I used time to explore links from several of the blogs I follow.  On the Urban Chicken blog I found a link to a video about a commercial egg farm.  The owner takes viewers on a frank and open tour of his facilities, including the regular egg-production facilities where chickens are caged and the "cage free" facility.  In the video he states that his chickens are healthier than most "barnyard chickens."  (That may be true; I don't know since he didn't provide any evidence for that statement, and I have never had my "barnyard chickens" tested for anything.  I do know that we have never gotten so much as an upset tummy from eating our chickens' eggs.)  He seems like a very nice man who really likes chickens.  That is clear! 

Please watch at least the first half of the "Farmer Spotlight" video on this site:

If you're interested, here's the Humane Society's take on the matter:

Now look at the photos below of our chickens.

Now you tell me, assuming you're going to spend your life laying eggs (instead of being eaten), which kind of chicken do YOU want to be?


  1. I want to be the chicken that is talking to Charis! The younger guys were impressed by the photo of the chicken running/flying, apparently at top speed!

  2. That's Honey Bee. I have thought all along that I might save one of the 25 Naked Necks (a hen)--you know, be like God and predestine (sp?) one to salvation! :) The chicken that I got hold of for Charis to hug turned out to be so sweet that I decided she was the one elected for salvation, and I named her Honey Bee!

    Glad the guys liked the running chicken. It was going so fast and using its wings to help it along!


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