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Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving In Day!

Zephyr and I are tired, dirty and wet, but the finished tack room is organized, and all the accumulated dust from living in the barn is wiped or washed off of everything.

The shelf is perfect for first aid and medicine, horse beauty products, and human and horse boots, in addition to keeping the helmets right side up.  That keeps the mice from building nests in there--and maybe the helmets will develop a taste for staying right-side-up even when on peoples' heads!
Halters and leads are handy near the door, an old rake organizes crops and lunge lines, and a new blanket rack awaits the turn-out sheets and blankets . . .
. . . which are drying in the breeze and afternoon sun on the corral.  This was such a beautiful day, it was a great time to be working at the barn.
Finally, the Western and saddleseat saddles share one rack until another one comes in at Tractor Supply.  My bridle hangs much better on a proper bridle rack than on a hook; now it can get its proper shape back.
Everything's done and swept up, there's a horseshoe over the door for luck, and it's time to lock up for the night.  Thank you, my dear, sweet husband for such a lovely tack room!  There's nothing tacky about it at all!  :)
On the way back to the house, Zephyr and I sat down and watched the chicks for awhile.  This curious little cockerel climbed right onto my lap and Zephyr's back.

I think this is him saying, "You're gonna WHAAAAAT?!"
And this is him saying, "You wouldn't dare!"

What a fun and blessed day:  setting up my beautiful tack room, having a feeling of real accomplishment, enjoying the gorgeous weather with my dog at my side, and having this great photo op climb right into my lap!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see it! Sounds so nice, fall in the country! Tell Zeph we're still expecting her this evening! ;-)

  2. Thanks for coming to visit us:§) Send us news of the farm. Also, re read your blog posts from your last visit...such a fun Fall tradition. Come back next year!

  3. @Jenny & Jean-Marc, thanks for the lovely visit! It is a great fall tradition! The updates will be coming now, but I spent much of yesterday nursing Pepi-Two and unpacking and most of today trying to go through all my pictures. Then there's the job of picking just a few . . . So hard! :)

  4. When I posted the same pictures on Facebook, Marylu Carl's comment was, "Please don't show us the picture where he said, 'You didn't!'" :D


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