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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Amazing Feats of Hero and Herb

I was working in the garden today tossing clippings over the fence to the chicks who were enjoying the buffet.  I was also keeping an eye on Hero, who was lying down near them.  He didn't have a predatory gleam in his eye, but since he went after a chick just a few days ago, I thought supervision was in order.

I wish I'd had my camera!  One of the cockerels ventured closer and closer to Hero as he ate.  When he was just inches away, he seemed to notice Hero.  He looked at Hero and came even closer, extending his beak to almost peck Hero's muzzle.  Hero just looked back at the cockerel . . . then he licked his chops . . . and very delicately turned his face to look away.  Other than encouraging him with an occasional "Leave it!" or "Good boy, Hero!" I did not interfere.
This scenario was repeated with another cockerel, and Hero continued to lay like a rock, just watching the chicks who were running all around him.  I called Herb over from his work on the tack room to observe.  The beautiful pastoral scene ended when Herb said, "Good boy, Hero!"  At that, Hero got up and went over for some petting and praise.

So our chicken-chasing dog has figured out how to please us, and he has appointed himself Guardian of the Chicks!

Good boy, Hero!  You're amazing!
This picture shows the tack room at finishing time last night and of course, first thing this morning.
Herb built the final wall and doorway today.  We had an extra door we decided to use, and he wanted to build the doorway so it would fit tightly.  He took great care making everything fit.
 The final wall and doorway.  All that's left to be done is to reinforce the outer part (so the animals can't cause damage if they push on it), put the door on, and add a lockable latch.  But the inside is finished and ready to be furnished!
Here's what it will look like with the door in place.
And here's a picture of Herb in the doorway of my new tack room!
Good job, Herb!  You're amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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