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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucien's Day on the Farm

Brandy, with her bad-hair-day hair-do, enjoys caresses from Cori and Lucien.  Lucien enjoyed sitting on both Brandy and Angel, but I was busy holding their heads to make sure they didn't walk off, so I didn't get any pictures.
Lucien's first question on arriving at the farm was, "Where's Mr. Lea?  Where's the tractor?"  It didn't take long before he was happily ensconced up on the Kubota, helping Herb drive a bucket-full of dirt back up to the barn . . .
. . . where he proudly manipulated the controls to dump the dirt by the garden!  It doesn't take much to make a little boy happy!
Next stop was the garden where we found a Godzilla-sized tomato worm so the chicks could have a game of "Tackle the Man with the Football" for Lucien's benefit.  Here a Naked Neck races away from the pack which is hot on its tail.
"Tug of War" makes a nice change.  They also invented a game I call "Shake and Bake," and I don't like that one!  It involved shaking the worm near my bare leg so that I could actually feel wet drops.  And when I looked, I had green goo on my leg!  After that, everyone shooed the chicks away when they got too close with the worm!

"Go Fish" is more fun for us to watch.  And if you can't figure out how that game is played, let me just say that this particular worm got swallowed whole three times.  And that was when we broke for lunch.  We were hungry!

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  1. And if you guess, as Kara did, that the chicks regurgitate the worm, you're wrong. They don't willingly give it up, but some of them aren't big enough to swallow such a honking worm completely. All it takes is a tiny bit protruding from the beak, and another chick is ready to grab it and haul the whole worm out to start the game over. Let the game begin . . . again!


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