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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ingenuity and Enjoyment: Launching the Chicken Tractor

We finished the chicken tractor this morning.  We discovered that the tarp we bought to cover it from side to side was too long from front to back.  If we folded an edge back, there were no grommets along that edge to secure it.  Duct tape to the rescue!  Fold, pleat, tape and, voila!  A custom tarp!
Here's the finished chicken tractor with the chicks in it (hiding out in the shade).  They were a bit tramatized by being cornered in the brooder box, transferred into cat carriers, and carried into the tractor.
At first they all huddled in one corner in the shade.
But it didn't take more than a minute for them to start pecking the grass and spreading out.
They discovered their food.
They figured out that the corner braces make good perches.
And they discovered their water.  A successful launch for the chicken tractor!

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