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Friday, July 2, 2010

Out with the Old; Welcome to the New

Here is Herb with Tom Weldon, our favorite car salesman over at Lexus of Chattanooga.  They are standing next to the fifth vehicle Tom has sold our family: Big Beast.  Big Beast (Herb's name!) is the successor to our grand old Sequoia.

If you need a car or truck, Lexus or Toyota, Tom is your man!  We can't recommend him highly enough!  (And no, I'm not getting a commission to post this!)
We got Big Beast on the 30th, gave it one day of rest, and put it right to work today.  The termite man is coming Monday to treat the cabin, and the old flooring had to go.  So this morning we spent several hours with Herb ripping it up and me hammering down the nails and loading it on the trailer.  Between the wood and the junk in there, we completely filled up that 12' trailer!

It wasn't all work, though.  Sara provided some fun. . .
She came over to see who was the stranger in her pasture and was fascinated to meet another pretty cow!  She spent about 15 minutes looking at the cow before she moved along to explore some more.
Hey!  Where is that pretty cow going?
Oh, there she is!
How'd she get in there?
Does this truck make my butt look big?
Hey, Tundra, what big teeth you have!

Oh, those are mine!
Now I'm a Genuine, Original, Honest-to-Goodness Farm Truck--I've been to the dump and back!


  1. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it's so funny to see Sara with a personality; she's not just any old cow! I think she has aspirations along the lines of America's Next Top Cow! :)

  3. PS Yay for fresh milk on the way!


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