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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Mice and Men . . . I Mean, Women

Today was a day to celebrate Monique, my "beautiful-daughter," as the French say ("belle-fille")!  It was a combination birthday and Mother's Day celebration which involved taking her into our cute little town of Chickamauga to spend a gift certificate and then go to tea with all the ladies, including Kara and Charis.
The best laid plans of mice and men . . . you know how the old quote goes!  When we arrived at the cute little "Gone with the Wind" flavored tea shop, this is what we found!  It's gone with the wind, all right!  New plans were needed for the hungry mice, particularly the littlest one . . .
Los Potros Mexican Restaurant.  It may not be fancy and feminine, and the only tea is iced, but it has guacamole which is sure to please Charis.  The chip is just a convenient scoop to get the guacamole into her mouth; once it became too soggy, she would hand it to mommy and get a more effective one.
After we were done eating, Charis applied for a job!  With her attention to detail, she would make an excellent bus girl!  You could eat off the table when she was done, although you might not want to drink out of the water glass!
Dessert was an orange sucker handed out by the nice man at the restaurant.  I have to say it:  Who wouldn't be a sucker for that cute face?!  As we browsed my favorite store, Le Frou Frou, Charis served as window dressing while enjoying her sucker.  I think maybe they should hire her there, too!
As the sucker disappeared, Charis' face got that slightly glazed look that meant it was time for a nap and time to head home.  But what a fun ladies' day we had!

By the way, please don't think I was slighting Monique by not taking so many pictures of her.  When she gets guacamole all over her face or washes the table from her water glass or puckers her mouth over an orange sucker, I'll take lots of pictures of her, too!  I'm sure, like every good mother, she'd rather look at pictures of her daughter, anyway!


  1. Sounds fun! Hope girl time went well!!

  2. Cute! Thx for sharing! Monique & charis

  3. @Jenny, very well!
    @Monique and Charis, thanks so much for making the trek out here!


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