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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us (June 25)

We decided to give ourselves a treat for our 33rd anniversary:  We spent the day in Athens, TN at the American Dexter Cattle Association National Show!  It was a great day, although very hot, and we learned a lot.  By the end of the show, we were often able to pick out the winning cow, steer, or bull.  This little beauty is a reserve grand chamion and as sweet as she can be.
This big guy is from the same farm.  There was something about him that made us just admire him from afar!
This is the grand chamion bull.  We picked him out!  He was so well behaved--obviously a veteran of many shows, but also a good example of the Dexters' nice temperament.  They are dual-purpose cattle, used for both meat and milk, and the judging reflects the standards that make Dexters the ideal homestead cow.
One dear person (who shall remain unnamed), hearing that we were spending the day at a cattle show, asked, "Oh, do they do tricks?"  I had a good laugh over that one, but I think some of the entrants actually thought the same thing.  This little bull under 6 months old laid down outside the ring and had to be dragged and pushed all the way in!
This cow seemed to think there was a contest for the funniest looking face!  I must say, horse shows are a whole lot quieter than cattle shows.  Occasionally the bellowing even drowned out the comments over the loud speaker, and this girl was certainly putting in her 2 cents and adding to the din.
My favorite picture from the whole show is this young heifer.  How could you not love to have a face like that waiting for you at the barn every day?

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