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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anything to Put Off Cleaning!

Yesterday we bought this Jacobean Revival (c. 1920) English Court Cupboard, and today I've spent a good part of the day moving dishes, tea, and bottles of alcohol around to get things where I want them!  Of course, rearranging one cupboard-full of stuff means you have to do another one, and so on and so forth!  Anything to put off actually having to clean the house!  But it's so much fun arranging this nifty piece of furniture which hides the messy sink from the dining table, serves as a bar, and even holds tea things, too.  For now, I love it here!  But if we ever get around to finishing off the other half of the attic into a "Grandkids' Dorm," I may just have to move this piece up there.  The theme of the Grandkids' Dorm is going to be "Hobbiton," and this is such a delightfully "hobbity" piece of furniture!  Or I could go antiquing again, looking for another one . . .  Well, not right now; I need to clean this house before Jenny and Jean-Marc arrive--and decide to go stay somewhere else!


  1. Wow, really neat! Have a great visit with J and JM--how nice they will be there for Mother's Day.

  2. I forgot to sign the comment I made! Guess who???

  3. I did guess who it was! Actually, their car broke down on the way, so we drove up to Bristol this morning to pick up Jenny so she can come back and start her internship tomorrow. Jean-Marc will hopefully bring the car back when it's fixed.

  4. The house looks gorgeous Mom, our room is so homey, thanks!!

  5. We're so glad you're here! And isn't this so 21st Century--you upstairs posting messages on my blog while I'm downstairs reading them! We are such modern women of the world! :)


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