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Monday, April 19, 2010


Even though the morning was taken up going to the chiropractor, it got cloudy and cool in the afternoon, so it was a perfect day to ride.  Thank you, Dr. Kent, for getting me to the point where I feel like riding!  Herb got home just in time for us to finish our ride as a threesome (he was Angel's "buddy horse"!) in the hunting preserve that surrounds our property on two sides.  Herb and I had fun.  I'm not sure about Angel, who was fretting over Brandy who definitely didn't have fun--screaming her head off in her stall!  Poor Poopsie!


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  2. So glad you guys made it out for a ride! It's gotten really cool again here but JM and screwed up our courage and went for fast a run in colonial WB this evening after my class at 6! So fun to run through the streets of colonial WB. We saw so many flowers, heard the guns go off, and smelt a horse (or at least what we hope was a horse ;-) Tonight we had bean stew and broccoli and an orange. Now, I'm taking a quick break from working and JM is playing! Alright, back to SBM (Small Business Planning--learning all about tax).

  3. The first part of your evening sounds fun, but not the end! I'm glad you smelled a horse while running, but hope you didn't step in anything! I'm sure spring is gorgeous there!


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