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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Far Side of Zephyr Hill Farm

Over an inch of rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings--so Angel and Brandy spent the day shut up safely in their stalls.  (SNAP!  There goes the umbilical cord, nice and tight again!)  After Angel finished her grain, I went to tell her good night over the side of the stall, still holding the grain scoop.  It took me a minute to realize why she was licking her chops: hope springs eternal in the equine breast!
When her lip-smacking didn't get her any more grain, she stretched out her nose like an elephant's trunk, twitching it toward the (empty) grain scoop.
Eye-rolling added to the nose twitching didn't get her any more grain, either--just chuckles from me!  Poor, starved animal!
Later I went into our room for something, and there was a large bump snaking its way across the bed.  Peekaboo must have gotten in while I had the animal gate down from the doorway to bring in the vacuum, and he climbed up the side of the bed to play under the bedspread.  "Where's the ferret?"  "Peek-a-boo!"

Who could ever be bored with such original animals?  :)


  1. Piec'a peeka!So darling! We're not only going to enjoy your veggies, we're also going to enjoy your pets this summer!!!

  2. And speaking of your visit, Peekaboo can't wait to join you in the shower! :)


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