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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I Love Ferrets

But first, thank you Jenny and Jean-Marc for doing Saturday evening chores!  The chickens penned up, Sara fed out in the back pasture, and the horses on their way up before we even got out to the barn!  What a nice surprise!  And after working hard in the garden all afternoon!  You guys are so sweet!

And now for some Saturday evening fun on the farm . . .  Can you tell what's wrong with this Kleenex box?

Go on, make a guess!

I knew you'd ferret out the answer if you tried hard enough!  Peekaboo invented a new game last night called "Saturday Night Kleenex Fight Club."  (Note the teeth marks in the plastic!)  Jean-Marc, I think we've discovered the next rage in video games.  You get several Kleenex boxes filled to different degrees with Kleenex and you have to see which one you can fit your ferret into, and then you see how many contortions you can make him do inside it in three minutes!  Whatcha think??


  1. We has such a great time with all the animals...and you guys too, of course ;-)

  2. We know why you really come here . . . ! :)


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