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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fittingly Named

"Comfort food!"  Grilled cheese and soup qualify as comfort food in my book--perfect on a cold, damp, gray day when you're feeling yucky with a cold.  This is "foodie" comfort food!  Irish cheddar cheese on stoneground whole wheat bread with fresh strawberries on the side and velouté de potiron aux châtaignes et girolles (cream of winter squash soup with chestnuts and wild mushrooms).
"Hilltop Sara"   That's her name!   I slept in till 10 this morning, thanks to aforementioned cold.  As I was getting the horses' halters on to take them down to the lower pasture, I could hear Sara mooing down at the gate, "Where are youuuuuu?"

One day when she was on the wrong side of the head gate from the grain I had just poured out, she jumped right through the head gate--and I jumped out of the way, fast! 

The other evening Herb and I went out earlier than usual to feed her, and she was still halfway up the hill instead of waiting at the gate.  When she saw us, she came galloping down the hill more like a skipping calf than a mature, pregnant cow!  Morning and evening, she's waiting at the gate for her feed, but otherwise she's often to be found either grazing high on the hill, or lying down to enjoy the view while she chews her cud.


  1. I hope feel GREAT soon Mom! So sorry to hear you were under the weather recently (haha, both figuratively and literally). Your comfort food looks just delicious:-) Anything from France and anything with cheese and bread sounds like truly refined comfort food!Yum! We had some of your yummy seed bread today...trying to make it last at least this entire week!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks to you for the delicious soup mix from France! I knew Dad wouldn't miss the mushrooms, and it was the only thing that sounded good to me today. I'm trying to just take it easy.


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