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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cracker Dog and Flop Butt

If you've ever read James Herriott's books, you'll recognize these maladies which apparently afflicted Zephyr and Hero this morning!
Kara and I were peacefully watching the Olympic ice dancing when suddenly both dogs went wild in an insane romp--as you can see from Zephyr's eyes!

Zephyr leaped into the air and bit the top of Hero's head.  I guess that was to keep the weight off her gimpy hind leg!

Then she went Cracker Dog, running whirling dervish circles around Hero, Kara and me (as we sat in the arm chairs laughing our heads off)--too fast for any mere camera!  A few more Cracker Dog circles, and Zephyr went Flop Butt behind the rocker, trying to hide from Hero and catch her breath.

Help me decide:  Do they need a visit from Dr. Herriott?  Or are they shoe-ins for the Canine Olympics floor dancing gold medal?


  1. Whirling, Dhirling, Dervishes! That's my Zeph Zeph, names after the whirling winds!

  2. It's usually Hero that makes us laugh with his kangaroo hops, but this time it was Zephyr! She reminded me of a furry tornado! :)


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