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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Count them--one, two--our delightful ferrets, Peekaboo and Precious.  I'm counting my blessings that there are still two of them!  Saturday night Peekaboo had an intestinal crisis like the last one that landed him overnight in the emergency animal hospital to the tune of--well, let's say a frightful amount of money!  As usual, it happened on a weekend when our regular vet (and ferret wizard) Dr. Keller wasn't available.  We never did know last time what caused it or why he got better; he just got over it.  This time I decided that we had to tough it out at home for financial reasons.  Poor little Peeky's abdomen was blown up like a balloon and hard to the touch.  I fed him his hairball laxative, tried a gas-relieving technique learned years ago in nursing, and held him against my chest on a heating pad.  He periodically had spasms of trying to vomit, which he finally did, but at times he was in so much pain he was grinding his teeth.  He just laid very still against me, which he never does; the only time he moved was when he tried to vomit.  Herb came and sat with us for awhile, and we prayed for Peeky.  Herb finally went to bed, thinking he'd never see Peekaboo alive again.  But finally after several hours, about 1 a.m., he seemed to be free from pain.  When I put him in his cage, he drank some water and climbed into a sleepsack.  The next morning he seemed much better, but was content to lay around in his cage for another 24 hours.  Today he was finally ready to get out, run around, and play with Precious and Zephyr.  What a blessing to see him so lively, doing his war dance, and playing peekaboo with Zephyr from under the furniture.  Thank you, Lord, for not only watching over the little sparrows, but the little ferrets, too!


  1. Awwwww!!! I'm SO glad he's OK! What a relief! And aren't you glad your nursing skills came in handy? ;-)

  2. Well, pretty much any mom could stick a lubricated thermometer you-know-where! :) Note: If you ever get sick while visiting us, you may want to take an axillary (under arm) temperature! :)


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