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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Impersonation, Part I

Several years ago a neighbor gave me some pink, blue, and green chicken eggs. I thought they were the coolest ever, and they tasted good, too! So when we moved to the country with 29 acres, chickens were the first "country" thing I wanted to try. With a grand-child on the way, what could be better than chickens that laid colored eggs? I could just see the grandkids getting to pick a blue or green or pink egg for breakfast. I remembered that those eggs came from something that sounded like head-hunter Indians in the Amazon! So on to Google . . . I soon discovered that "my" chickens were called Ameraucanas, but the only way to get them seemed to be mail order--25 babies at a time. Then one day in the spring, I stopped at the local farm supply store for something, and there were cages full of fluffy, peeping chicks! The kind lady was willing to order Ameraucanas for me, although I’d have to wait awhile . . . . About a month later, on March 22, I brought my six one-day-old chicks home to a plastic storage crate in the hay barn and turned on the heat lamp. They were so cute and fluffy, and each one was a little different! If I hadn't wanted eggs, I would have wished they could stay small.

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